Bancbox helps you secure and manage funds for the entire lifecycle of the transaction.

As a crowd funding portal, you’ve got a lot on your hands. Not only do you have to coordinate collecting, storing and sending money, you also have to deal with different customers and technologies at each step of the transaction cycle. At the same time you also have to stay on top of complex and ever-changing government regulations.

Invest in different businesses and receive proceeds from successful investments

Our solution makes it easy for platforms to onboard investors. Investors are the lifeblood of this thriving new economy.

Raise funds to get your idea off the ground or grow your existing enterprise.

Businesses looking to either expand or start up and run with their ideas need to look no further than our platform. We make it easy for platforms to accommodate your needs and move funds in a secure, compliant manner.

Build cutting edge applications using our APIs on our secure and compliant platform.

Easy to use APIs, extensive documentation and prompt support from our product team ensures that integration is a matter of hours, not days or weeks.

Introducing Lifecycle Transactions

Bancbox handles all of these problems with one incredible platform made up of three specialized layers. The Connector Layer engages financial networks with a single solution for multiple business needs. Our Core Engine does the heavy lifting, covering everything from security and

compliance to money movement and account management. And the API Layer gives developers all the tools they need to connect a wide range of customized apps.


A Funding Platform subscribing to Bancbox Invest.


An accredited investor registered with the Funding Platform.


A Secure, Compliant and API driven system for moving funds.


An entity soliciting funds on the Funding Platform.

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